No thoughtful post this week

It’s finals week y’all.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I know nobody would have really noticed even if I didn’t say anything, but as I said a few weeks back with the election reaction, I’m just trying to keep it polished. And keeping it polished means that a year from now there will hopefully be 52 posts on this blog, 1 per week.

It would throughly piss me off to see that I missed ONE week just because I was too shy to say, “Sorry, no post this week,” and pretend like I have a huge following base who is equally upset about not seeing a post from me.

So there, easy does it. No truth shall be spat this week.

I will resume regular posts next week.

Good luck on finals everyone! And on that note, can you believe we’re already a third through the year?? Crazy. Alright, good luck again.




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