General Blog Announcements

Hi there!

So in a few weeks it will officially be 1 year since I’ve started writing on this thing. Which I think is really cool! Yay for sharing information with strangers!

However, I am not very happy with two things:

Number A. I don’t really like how inconsistent I have been with posting content. I have a busy life, yada, yada, yada, but honestly I should take time to form some sort of a schedule if I want to be serious about this stuff.

Letter 2. It ain’t really a blog. It’s not regularly updated, as I mentioned earlier, but more importantly, it doesn’t have a direction. I like the way the content is laid out, but I don’t like being unable to answer the question, “What is your blog about?” Because right now, the best answer I can give is, “Oh just…you know, my Twitter, only if I had unlimited characters to work with.”

So, because that is the case, I am pleased to announce – to all 8 of you – that I will (attempt to) start a weekly series of posts called: What I learned This Week.

The topics will be wide ranging. One week I could be talking about why farts smell the way they do, and one week I could be talking about love. What I’m trying to say here, it will be random. And it will be random for a few reasons.

One, I wouldn’t want to focus so much on one topic that it either leads to a complete loss of interest, or to me just running out of shit to say. I’m not that prolific of a writer, as you may have noticed. So I really wouldn’t wanna challenge myself too much.

Two, I honestly kinda like randomly yelling into the wind. But I understand that it’s not suitable for every topic. I think writing about such a wide variety of things will allow me to do both serious, and non serious shit.

Three, hopefully all of this will lead me to the ability of answering the question, “What is your blog about?” And that would make me happy Krato.

So yeah, I’ll give this a shot and see how it goes. Let me know if you have any thoughts, comments, or concerns on the matter.


Well, alrighty then! I’ll see you next week!



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