So Much Stuff I Wanna Say, So Few People I Can Say It To

In the little time that I’ve spent blogging about the most random topics you could think of, I realized that somehow every blogger must, at some point, run into the dilemma of, “Oh crap, I wanna say this but I don’t know how many people it would make sense to.” Or at the very least, “Oh crap, I’m not sure this would make sense to enough people. I’m a failure. Nobody loves me.”

But today, instead of being stuck at that metaphorical fork in the road between what I can say without sounding too weird and what is actually on my mind (free of censoring), I shall make my own path and say f you to conventions. (Side note: I’ve pretty much done so with all of my other posts, it’s just that they were topics that people could easily relate to. In other words, they were just an extended version of those “unpopular opinions” that you see on Twitter nowadays, which are really just ironic because the amount of retweets they get would make you think that they are not so unpopular after all. But anyway, today I would actually like to tread the waters of something truly unpopular; or at least, give it my best shot.)

So, without further ado:

Are you ready for this?

I don’t think you are.

OMG, suspense.

I don’t think T-Mobile is really that bad of a carrier. I don’t understand why it gets so much hate. Honestly, I get that that it’s the 4th largest provider in the United States, but what the heck! It does everything the other phone providers do. I seriously struggle to understand what it did to become the laughing stock of teenagers everywhere.

In case you haven’t caught on, I have T-Mobile. Never had a problem with it in my life, except this one time when I happened to be in a room with 4 friends and we were partaking in a typical 2015 hang out sesh. In other words, we were all on our phones. Someone brought up the fact that they had no service. I’m gonna make that clear because it’s really the whole point of the story: SOMEONE ELSE, SOMEONE WITH A DIFFERENT CARRIER brought up the fact that they had no service. One more person confirmed, and realizing that I was in the same situation I chimed in with a, “yeah me neither.”

Of course, however, one person still had service and now assumed possession of the metaphorical speaking conch for the remainder of the hang out. That person (and for all practical purposes our de facto supreme leader) proceeded to ask, “What do you have?”

“AT&T” said person number one. “Verizon” said person number two. I followed up with what I assumed would be the most normal comment ever and said “T-Mobile.”

“Hahahahahahaha what the fuck? You have T-Mobile?”

It was the most disparaging question I had ever been asked. I had never felt so uneasy in my life. The pause between T and Mobile made me rethink every decision I had ever made. Here’s the thing though, that wasn’t my decision!! My whole family has T-Mobile, (oh God, I hope I didn’t just put them in danger) it was assigned to me… I didn’t have a choice! Why should my overall worth as a person go down?

And here’s the answer: IT FUCKING SHOULDN’T. Like I said before, T-Mobile does all the same freaking things that the other carriers do. And once again, I was not the only one in that room who didn’t have service. Meaning that in that specific situation, AT&T and Verizon were just as shitty as T-Mobile. But why did I have to get singled out?

Tell me society, why the fuck do you have beef with T-Mobile? It’s unfair. It’s racist and sexist and disgusting. Okay maybe not that bad, but what is it?!?! Who made this decision? When did the voting happen? Is that the reason I’m single? Do my friends just not love me and that was their subtle way of telling me?

If anyone has answers please help me, I’m desperate.

As always,




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