Nice Guys Finish Where They Belong

Side note from my last post: I’m not depressed guys. My life doesn’t suck by any means. We all go through stuff, and however seemingly insignificant that “stuff” could be to others, it may be extremely important and significant to us. So, all I was trying to do with my last post is give you an idea of what brings about the ups and downs that make up Krato’s life (at least, for now). But I’m good! We cool? Cool.

Okay, now let’s get this ish rolling again.

Today I wanna talk about one of the greatest misconceptions of our time. You’ve heard it before, you shall hear it again.

“Nice guys finish last.”

Hate to break it to all you nice guys out there, but you don’t finish last. You finish exactly where you should. And here’s why I say this:

Remember a couple of posts ago when I said there is a reason Jay Alvarez is dating Alexis Ren and a guy like me isn’t? Well, that is exactly the reason why. Granted, last time I talked about this sort of thing I was trying to make a point about confidence, but let’s dive a little deeper this time, shall we?

Let’s say that you – the average looking dude – are in a competition against Jay Alvarez for Alexis Ren’s heart. Now, let us compare and contrast what Alexis’ options are:

Option Number 1 is you. You are a great dude. You are smart. You are kind. You were the shit back in middle school. You played varsity sports in high school for 3 years. You kind of have a six pack…maybe if you cough and flex in the mirror a couple of times, and you treat girls very well.

Option Number 2 is Jay. He’s a model.


What else would you need? What other piece of information would you need to convince you that Jay Alvarez is a better guy for Alexis Ren than you are?

I mean, let’s be honest here. She’s a dime. She does photoshoots in tropical places for a living. Maybe, just MAYBE, she’s going to look for a guy that can actually share that passion, talent, or you know, just a guy that has something in common with her.

“Nice guys finish last” is the thing guys say when they get curved by a girl who – like I said in this post – is totally out of their league. And it goes extremely well together with the saying that “girls date douchebags.” Girls don’t date douchebags, they date guys they fit with.

People in relationships look for equals. They look for things in common. They look for similar interest, personality, attractiveness levels, so on and so forth. Thus, of course, you – the average looking dude – are not gonna be going out with a model.

Does that mean that if you’re born ugly you’re going to marry ugly and have ugly children and create an ugly dynasty? NO! That’s not what I’m saying at all! I’m just saying that you, nice guy, need to stop thinking of girls rejecting you as a betrayal (to those of “your kind”) rather than their choice.

Because at the end of the day, they’re going to be going out with whoever they choose, not whoever you think is good for them.

Here’s my sort of ah-HA! moment:

My more avid readers may remember that last week I criticized girls for asking to go on dates over social media. Usually those girls say things like, “I just want somebody to take me to zoo lights.” You may also remember that I criticized them for asking to go on said dates, but then rejecting guys like me who legitimately offered to fulfill those requests.

The point of my critique in all of that was not the girls’ choice of guys. They can go out with whoever they freaking please. What I was trying to get at is the fact that people these days try to mask their shallowness. We don’t like to admit that we think we deserve better.

The point of me commenting on those girls that rejected my zoo lights invite was not to say, “Oh, look at me, I’m a nice guy and I never get some. Boo-hoo nice guys finish last.” Rather, I just wanted to point out how fictitious we are about our intentions. Girls don’t wanna go to zoo lights with “somebody.” They wanna go to zoo lights with a fucking hunk.

And it’s okay of you ladies to want to go out with a Justin Bieber looking douchebag with lots of muscles!!! Who wouldn’t wanna go out with someone hot? But guess what? That ain’t happening. So take what you got.

In the grand scheme of things, when compared to Alexis Ren, you’re an average girl too, so it’s not like the Justin Bieber looking douche with lot of muscles is gonna come around any time soon. Just please stop making it seem like that is what you deserve!

If nice guys finish last, then nice girls finish right along side them. But we all need to stop acting as if we are entitled to more than that! The same way people are materialistic about their belongings, they are materialistic about other people. We want what we can’t have. It’s just part of our nature!

But we need to stop blaming it on simple clichés like “nice guys finish last.”

Because if you’re a guy and you like a girl who clearly goes out every night, buys expensive clothes, drives a nice car, and models for a living, what the hell are you gonna be able to do for her? You can barely pay your tuition. If you even were to get in a relationship with her, it would be a shitty one. Because that girl clearly likes two things: money, and looks. Thus, don’t get mad if she goes for guys that are less intelligent than you. They probably have way more money and muscles than you do anyway, meaning that they are a better fit for her than your “nice guy” behavior would ever be.

The problem isn’t that nice guys finish last. The problem is that “nice guys” like the wrong girls.


Saying “nice guys finish last” after getting rejected or dumped is like the go-to excuse for all guys. “Oh yeah she just likes douchebags anyway, she couldn’t handle how nice I was to her.” Bullshit dude! There’s probably a myriad of other reasons why she broke up with you. “Being nice” was not even on the list. It didn’t even go through her mind. She probably didn’t like the fact that you spent more time with your bros than her. Or that you aren’t very independent because you live at your parents’ house. I don’t know! But there’s other reasons! It’s not like she started dating you because your only attribute was that you’re nice, so why would it be the one the she dumps you for?

And girls, as much as all of us guys would love to fulfill your dreams of you dating your celebrity crush and just being the perfect looking boyfriends, we’re just not going to be able to do that. But that doesn’t mean that you should settle for “less”! Just because someone doesn’t have the exact looks you’re going for, doesn’t mean that they don’t have many other qualities they can bring to the table.

We need to share qualities with the people we love, not budget the amount of things that we, as individuals, contribute to the relationship.

If we were to just stop being so superficial and shallow in our judgement of others, maybe we would find happiness more often. And that is all I got for today.

As always, hope you got a kick out of this. Till next time,





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