Fav For a Honest DM

You used to favorite every single one of them that you saw. Don’t even lie. Yes you did.

And I know why. Because I did it too. And deep down, we’re all the fucking the same. We’re all just a bunch of narcissistic assholes. That’s why.

I’ll start with the guys. I mean, be honest, every time a girl did one of those, you were hoping for an “I’d be down” dm. And girls, every time a guy did one of those, you were lowkey hoping for the same thing. Perhaps with a decreased level of straightforwardness, but nonetheless, you basically wanted him to say he was down too. Or you wanted him to compliment you. Either way, something along the lines of fulfilling our self-driven search for consensual acceptance.

And those are just big words for: you just want to know whether people think you’re hot.

Which makes you and I, and the rest of society, sound really dumb once you realize I’m right. Because that’s really everything that teenage life revolves around these days.

Think about it, you just want to know whether people are generally down for you or not. You don’t necessarily want to do something with all those people. But you just like to know you have those options.

Then again, here’s where society gets really freaking stupid: you can’t be open about that. You can’t be open about the fact that you’re trying to find out whether you’re hot or not. Because you’ll get labeled thirsty. So what do you do? You very subtly cover everything up with a “honest DM”.

Absolutely ingenious.

I mean what’s wrong with an honest DM? It’s just an honest opinion right?

Wrong! Muahahaha!!! Ahh I feel so good about myself right now because I am so right.

Once again,think about it. Every time you tweeted a “Fav for a honest DM” you were hoping for a few, select people to favorite it. That way, if they did favorite it, you could just oh-so-casually tell them that you would do terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-things to them. Okay, maybe not to that extent, but you see my point hopefully.

Which is also why you had to be careful about not posting too many of those tweets. I mean, you know she’s a thottie when she posts “Fav for a honest DM” one week, and “Fav for a honest opinion” the next, right?

Come on, we are all just so stupid. We’re so insecure about ourselves that we have to sneak in compliments here and there through DM’s. But we can only do so once the person that we are trying to compliment gives us permission by favoriting our freaking tweets.

If we do it any other time, it’s like against the rules or some shit. *Whistle Blows* Penalty, against the offense: unnecessary sliding into the dm’s; way too forward. Must wait for the person’s permission before sliding. 

You think I’m wrong or exaggerating? Then tell me why you kept favoriting the same people’s tweets from one month to the next. If you were legitimately interested in their opinion of you, you could just ask them once in person and you’d be fine. You don’t have to constantly ask them over DM. But that’s not what you’re looking for, is it?

So here’s my advice to you, just stop giving a fuck. Seriously. If you think someone’s hot, just tell them for crying out loud. Don’t go through all that trouble, it’s just stupid. I don’t even know how we all fell for that in the first place. But perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we have a warped sense of confidence.

I think I touched on a lot of bigger subjects today, thus I would encourage you to reply with your opinion and who knows? Perhaps we could start a wonderful conversation regarding these topics. It takes about 15 seconds to make an account, but then again I know only like 4 people have read this far.

As always, thank you for taking a trip into my brain. Till next time,





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