It’s Okay to Not Have Bae

Honestly, I could make this the most boring piece of writing you’ve ever laid your eyes on due to the sensitivity of the topic, but nah. Let’s keep this ish rolling on the slightly entertaining side.

As I look around – and by look around I mean scroll through social media – all I see is people talking about how lonely they are. People talking about how they need this ever-elusive “bae” to fill their lives with joy.

Okay wait, I have to pause here.

Before I even make my point I know that some people are gonna be like, “Corrado have you seen your freaking tweets in the past 6 months, you emotional little shit?” And yes, I’m aware of my tweets. I’m aware of the fact that perhaps I’m not the best person to give this type of advice. But I am posting this for the interwebz to see, in the hopes that I’ll hold myself accountable for not being such an emotional lil’ shit anymore.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let me get back to my point.

To the people who are actively looking for their so called “bae,” I don’t mean to devalue your worthy cause, but let me just throw this out there.

YOU ARE FREAKING 19 YEARS OLD! Or 18. Or whatever age you may be. My point being, you are young. You have approximately twenty-two thousand days left to live. In the United States alone there are about 23 million people around your age.

One of those 23 million is bound to be bae, okay? There are much more concrete things you need to worry about in life right now. Like the the project you are procrastinating on by reading this average blog. Or the amount of money you need to make in order to pay for your education.

It’s okay to not have found the love of your life as a freshman in college, or senior in high school, or even by the end of college!  It’s okay to not be relationship goals all day, errday. It’s okay to not have someone to cuddle with and watch Netflix. You can do all that shit by your own damn self.

So be your own goals today. And accept the fact that you are just fine on your own. If you keep relying on someone else to fill the void that you feel, you’ll never be truly independent. And who wants to be a dependent mark? That’s right, not you.

Also, if you tweet about wanting a boyfriend, all you’re gonna get is boys who think you’re DTF. So just keep that in mind. And that’s not my opinion, that’s just come from being friends with girls who constantly tweet that type of stuff.

And guys, if you’re like me and you occasionally get in the feels (and tweet your life away about wanting bae) just please know that you look like a parched whale and no one wants that. So in case you were wondering why no one is interested in you, there you have it.

So I hope I at least got you thinking about why it’s okay to not have bae, and as always, I hope you got a kick out of it. That’s all for now,




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