Why I Changed Major

I’ll make this premise again, just in case people who haven’t read my “about” page happen to read this first. No, I don’t think my life is that cool. This is just a space for me to let my ideas flow. However, I do occasionally feel that within my mumbo-jumbo-gypsy talks there are certain things that may be of popular interest. This is one of them, so here I go.

Yes, I do know that changing major is a popular thing. I’m not that special. The average freshman in college changes major 3 times by the end of the year (unless you are Sam Howley, in which case that number skyrockets). Anyway, I felt like sharing the reason behind my change because I believe that it is too often overlooked.

Heading into my first semester of college I was a Political Science major. Now, two semesters later, I find myself as an Exercise Science major with an emphasis on biomechanics.

“How does that happen?”

Thank you for asking! Well, for me it went down like this. I woke up one morning. I looked at myself in the mirror. And then I asked myself, “Krato, do you honestly see yourself waking up every single morning for the rest of your life knowing that you’ll do something in the field of political science, which, though lucrative, may not be exactly what you want to do?” To which my answer was:  

Then I asked myself, “Krato what is the one thing you love to do? The one thing you could never get bored of?” My answer was running. Thus I chose a major that would allow me to be in or around the sport of track and field for the rest of my life.

“So this matters to me because…?”

Thanks for asking again! It is my contention that not enough people have that realization. Too many people go into college with a plan that’s either already been set for them or that they’ve already thought out by themselves. And then they stick to said plan religiously, as if it were the only thing they were put on earth to do. Or worse yet, the one thing they’ve been told they would be good at.

I’ll give you an example. Billy is really good at biology, but frankly, he’d rather major in trombone. Billy loves trombone! But he’s just an average player. On the other hand, he’s an above average biology student, so his parents encourage him to go into a Pre-Med program. Billy faces a choice. He’s either gonna listen to his parents and spend the next 4 years of his life studying cellular microbiology, to then go on to 4 more years of medical school, and then a few more years of residency. Or he could listen to himself and say, “Fuck that Billy. You shred the shit out of that trombone.”

Now for the sake of the example, let’s say that Billy chooses to go with the biology track. He goes on to become a successful doctor, makes tons of money…blah blah blah, you know how it goes.

He doesn’t hate his life by any means. But does he LOVE it?

Does he get up every morning with a smile on his face? The answer may be yes. But would it still be yes if he didn’t have all the money? Would it still be yes if he didn’t have a huge house up on the hill and a couple of new cars in the garage?

I don’t happen to think so.

However, if Billy had listened to his true self and said, “Yes Billy you are gonna shred the shit out of this trombone,” he would have been happy regardless. He could have been a hobo on the side of the road, but as long as he was going hard on that trombone, Billy would have been happy.

I know that’s a hard point to prove. But I really do believe that if I become an absolute failure after college, at least I’ll have the knowledge of something that I love. Something that I can cherish for the rest of my life and smile about. If I end up on the side of the road with Billy, I’d rather do so as an Exercise Science major than a butthurt Political Science major who didn’t make it.

I think too often people choose a major because of its likeliness to make them successful. But why don’t they choose a major based on its likeliness to make them happy?

If you are undecided about your major, I hope this has helped you somewhat. If you’re one of those people who’s going to law school for the sake of becoming a divorce lawyer though you can’t even listen to your friends’ break-up, you probably think I’m an idiot. And you could be right. I will likely not have the most lucrative career in the world. But at least I’ll be guaranteed a smile on my face for the rest of my life. Call me crazy, but I’d take that over any sum of money.

That’s all I got for now,



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